People who say bi erasure doesn’t happen need to realize Freddie Mercury is known as the most famous homosexual man when he identified himself as bisexual. If that’s not bi erasure I don’t even know.

Also PoC erasure, most people don’t know he was 100% Indian

Specifically he was Parsi.
Also raised Zeroastrian.








Deleted Scene from 9x10 - Road Trip

At first I wanted to add comments in tags, but oh well (if you don’t like them, reblog from source!) Ok, so…

GIFS. Like, from 9 onward. Cas is fucking in love, and hurting because of it. And Dean has to suspect it (and, hell, he’s angry that Cas is buddy-buddy with Crowley again, but they’re bonding over you, you numnut). And Crowley fucking knows. I mean, look at his face. Look at it. His face says: Oh… YOU want to be a stupid, stinking, emotional pile of meat so that you can grow old with another stupid, emotional, stinking pile of meat. Seriously, Crowley actually looks sorry for Cas (well, as much as a selfish King of Hell can feel sorry). Fuck, no wonder they cut out that scene. I mean, I’d be screaming destiel for weeks.

And then later in this very same episode, we get this:




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I think that theory’s awesome. :D I think Crowley definitely has a long-standing hate/respect relationship with Cas - after all he was the one who came to him in the first place in season 6 and sweet talked him into working together. I sort of feel Crowley built up a lot of respect for all the periphery characters: the other two characters who he got closest to aside from Cas were Bobby and Kevin, both of whom played him magnificently and wrote him quite epic screw you letters (Weekend at Bobby’s… Literally all of Kevin vs Crowley in season 8 :P). The result of that was very fond treatment after the fact of being beaten: Crowley never held grudges against people who beat him fair and square.

I think Cas and Crowley is more complicated because Cas didn’t play the game - in season 7 Crowley was still steaming about “integrity” and he was very upset that Cas turned on their deal - I think mostly because his primary character attribute *is* his respect and aptitude at being Lawful Evil to the letter. Never seen a better villain embodying the alignment/trope. Kevin and Bobby both did Crowley over on the same game, while Cas stomped all over it, and I’m sure that more than anything feeds into Crowley’s dislike of Cas. He was so happy about having won him over in season 6, basically talking like they were married, planning out a glorious future for them, and Cas tore it all down, like he said, and didn’t even do it playing by Crowley’s rules. Considering Crowley saw them as basically married, seeing Cas now basically married to a different arch nemsis of Crowley’s preeeetty much sealed the deal. There are probably 100 different reasons Crowley decided to take Dean off on their happy fun adventure to get the First Blade but I’m definitely subscribing now to it being partially to get back at Cas some way… he’d not really seen the two of them together for a long time in that way until this point, had he?

Totally agree about Cas breaking their deal unfairly and how that is something that Crowley hasn’t and probably never will forgive Cas for! I didn’t mention it in my tags, because I was running out of room and the focus/flail was on Crowley’s attitude to deancas - but yes, Cas going back on an official agreement was a HUGE betrayal in Crowley’s eyes (and, tbh, in MINE TOO - it broke my heart when Cas told Crowley he was taking all the souls and their power for himself… really hit home how low Cas had fallen… really, worse than his lying to the boys D: but that’s not here nor there…).

So, yeah - that really hurt Crowley, I think.

Because Cas having stronger feelings for Dean I feel Crowley coped with. It would have been frustrating, but it’s like, he’d tolerate his ‘partner’ having an extra marital affair, because I figure Crowley’s not so fussed about monogamy and so to him that didn’t automatically mean Cas and him lacked a bond of their own. But Cas breaking a deal - something, like Crowley said, not even DEMONS do (until chaotic Abaddon anyways :p) - THAT finally proved to Crowley that what he and Cas had together meant absolutely ZERO to Cas.

So yeah - he’s bitter not simply about the fact that Cas showed a lack of integrity by going back on their deal, but at the fact that it revealed that any/all camaraderie (or more) Crowley had been thinking they were building was false (and so it left him feeling foolish, or made a fool of, for having believed in what was essentially delusion). Add to that the fact that Cas’ bond with DEAN, in comparison, is 100% genuine on both sides, and still going strong even after Cas’ betrayal of Dean, and you’ve got a Crowley who is quietly boiling with hurt and rage over and towards Cas and Cas’ relationship with Dean - both furious that Cas and Dean’s bond exists, while Cas and his bond failed / was never real, and secretly wishing he had such a bond with Cas.  

Also, I think maybe Crowley feels that taking Dean away from Cas and fostering a partnership/relationship with Dean himself will not only deny Cas a relationship he is emotionally invested in (as Crowley was denied a relationship he was emotionally invested in), I think part of Crowley thinks Dean will be a second chance at what he failed to establish with Cas. He couldn’t get Cas to love/care about him and be a constant companion - but maybe now he can get Dean to.

(Who was I talking about this exact thing with ages back?? They also pointed out he tried similar with Sam last season - all the ‘I did good, right Moose?’ stuff. Like Crowley babbled at the end of S08 he just wants to be loved - so he’s just grabbing at whoever’s close and trying to get them to love him. Only cos he’s a demon - but perhaps more because he’s CROWLEY? - his method of gaining love is to attempt to manipulate people into in)


one of my favorite things about skyrim is that u can get gay inter-species married and nobody questions it or gives you shit about it



i bet he sells … quack

i showed this to my dad. he said he’d do the movie. get ready guys.

"Maybe it won’t work out. But maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever."

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I actually love this
It’s so comforting

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boys seem better in theory


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Insects actually have no importance of any kind in food webs and all that.  If there were no insects on earth we would all be better off and there would be no repercussions whatsoever.  want more proof? mars doesn’t have insects and it is doing fine.  it’s red but it’s fine


when i die please punch everyone who says “i wish i got to know them better”